Tax compliance services

We support our clients in preventing and resolving tax-related issues, to preserve their rights.

Yamada & Partners’ tax compliance services

Tax laws have been growing more complex and hard to understand in recent years as a result of advances in economic transactions.
Under such conditions, one often hears of concerns with subjects such as inability to understand the results of a tax audit or whether large-scale reorganizations intended to improve business efficiency would present any tax issues.
Yamada & Partners and our group of companies are able to propose optimal solutions for such concerns, thanks to our wide array of specialists including advisors who have played key roles in tax authorities in the past, former National Tax Tribunal judges, and attorneys expert in tax issues.

Menu of tax compliance services

Service flow

  • Checking client needs

    Checking client needs

    • 1.Risk avoidance: Preparing opinion letters, prior inquiries
    • 2.Responding to disposition by tax authorities: Petitions for redress, tax litigation
  • Proposing optimal methods

    Proposing optimal methods

  • Support for implementation

    Support for implementation

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