Consulting on organizational restructuring

We support successful organizational restructuring through proposing to clients the optimal choices for building efficient organizational structures and providing comprehensive advice.

Yamada & Partners’ consulting on organizational restructuring

We can deliver optimal tax, accounting, and legal solutions based on advanced knowledge and a wealth of experience. The impact of organizational restructuring on a company can vary widely with the structure chosen. In addition, many matters other than tax and accounting need to be taken into consideration as well, and a successful organizational restructuring requires advanced, wide-ranging knowledge and abundant experience. Thanks to our wealth of experience from involvement in numerous projects in the past, Yamada & Partners is able to propose structures suited to clients’ needs and deliver optimal planning and other solutions. Our thorough services support the successful realization of organizational restructuring.

  • Utilizing our expertise as a certified public tax accountants' firm, we can propose and plan the optimal structure for organizational restructuring.
  • We can offer one-stop services thanks to our ability to offer specialized advisory and consulting services simultaneously.
  • We deliver combined tax, accounting, and legal services utilizing the organizational strengths of the Group.
    Our comprehensive series enable swift and efficient progress on organizational restructuring projects.

Our most distinguishing feature is our comprehensive support structure for organizational restructuring, made up of teams of specialists

We can deliver one-stop services including not only advisory and consulting services but also registration, legal consultation, and others. Yamada & Partners can work together with other members of the Group to offer one-stop services including various registration applications and legal consultation with partner attorneys. Use of these one-stop services can eliminate the troublesome need for individual explanations and communication when obtaining these services from separate specialists. They also make it possible to create the optimal environment from the perspective of confidentiality.

Service menu for consulting on organizational restructuring

Providing clients with organizational restructuring utilizing our tax, accounting, and legal expertise We deliver services that match each phase of organizational restructuring. In the planning phase, we plan optimal organizational restructuring methods (such as mergers, spinoffs, and stock swaps) through proposal and consideration of structures. We also review the business plans of subject companies, analyze the impact on cash flow of the restructuring company after implementation, and provide information for use in decision-making on organizational restructuring, among other services. In addition, when a client considered organizational restructuring for purposes of streamlining and consolidation of businesses, we offer services for preparation of financial statements or business plans for individual business operations. In the implementation phase, we analyze and research the risks faced by the restructuring company through due diligence and carry out valuation based on the results of due diligence. Lastly, in the follow-up phase after implementation, we provide a wide range of integration support services from tax accounting services such as account processing and preparation of tax returns involved in the restructuring through accounting support intended to speed up settlement of accounts after integration, providing support for a successful organizational restructuring from start to finish.

Service flow

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Planning phase Implementation phase Post-implementation phase
Advisory services
  • Project progress
  • Schedule management Project team formation
  • Contact liaison Support for preparation of documentation, etc.
Consulting services
Structure proposal/study Financial due diligence Accounting support
  • Proposal and study of optimal structures from tax and accounting perspectives
  • Summarizing and simulation of points of dispute in the reorganization
  • Identifying real balance sheets and unrealized gains/losses
  • Reviewing past capital investment
  • Off-balance-sheet
  • Identifying normal earning power, etc.
  • Support for integration of accounting policies and account processing
  • Advising on account processing and journal entries for corporate integration and business spin-off
  • Accounting and settlement support
Support for business planning Tax due diligence Tax support
  • Formulating and reviewing business plans based on sales plans and funding plants
  • Reviewing transactions between affiliate companies
  • Reviewing past organizational restructuring
  • Reviewing transactions with officers
  • Analysis of losses carried forward, etc.
  • Advising on tax adjustments related to organizational restructuring
  • Preparation of tax returns, notices
  • Tax review of merger agreement etc.
  • Preparation of written opinions on taxes
Preparation of financial data Valuation Support for reorganization within a group of companies
  • Categorization and close review of business assets
  • Preparation of financial statements for businesses subject to reorganization
  • Corporate valuation
  • Calculation of merger, stock swap, and transfer ratios
  • Proposing and studying structures
  • Integration support (PMI support)

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