International business consulting

In partnership with our international network, including Group representatives around the world, we propose solutions for the wide range of international issues faced by our clients.

Yamada & Partners’ international business consulting

Since international business consulting involves accounting, taxation, and legal practices in markets around the world, cooperation with overseas representatives and specialists is essential.
Yamada & Partners sends representatives to Singapore, Shanghai, Vietnam, and the United States (Los Angeles and New York). By joining the Grant Thornton International network in July 2018, we now are able to serve more than 130 countries worldwide.
This means that we can propose solutions to the wide range of issues that our clients face, through close cooperation with our representatives around the world.
See here for more on the Group's international services.

Examples of issues faced by clients

Menu of international business consulting services

Yamada & Partners can provide services for a wide range of issues depending on the stage of the client’s business.

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Menu Phase1
Preparation for overseas
  • Consulting on advancing into overseas markets
    • - Formulating feasibility studies and action plans, schemes consideration
  • Support for various business startup procedures
  • Support for building management structures (preventing improprieties)
  • Value-chain optimization
  • Seeking out partner plants and other alliances
  • Investigation into conditions of * overseas subsidiaries (due diligence)
  • Support for visualization of finances (support for monitoring monthly settlement of accounts)
  • Overseas CFO operations
  • Consulting on transfer pricing
  • Consulting on non-trade remittances
  • Consulting on transfer of head-office functions
  • Consulting on use of regional management companies
  • Consulting on improving field operations:
    • - business flows, productivity, cost improvements
  • Consulting on business revitalization
  • Consulting on organizational restructuring
  • Consulting on withdrawal
    • - liquidation, M&A
  • Global tax planning
  • Cross-border M&A advisory services: matching, schemes consideration, valuation, due diligence

Service flow

Yamada & Partners’ international business consulting services start with making clients’ needs clearly through meeting with them in Japan. In doing so, we can ascertain clients’ needs accurately through teleconferencing with our overseas representatives to check on local systems and other details in the field.
As necessary, we also share information with our overseas representatives and partner external specialists, to compare a wide range of methods and propose the optimal solutions.

International business consulting

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