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We support mergers and acquisitions (M&A) from both the seller’s and the buyer’s perspective through our wealth of tax, financial, and legal expertise, as a comprehensive M&A advisor.

Yamada & Partners’ M&A services

Yamada & Partners’ Advisory Department has a specialized M&A team that delivers swift services utilizing its specialized and organizational capabilities. Yamada & Partners’ Advisory Department has a specialized M&A team that brings together Yamada & Partners’ M&A information (seller’s needs, buyer’s needs) and maintains a structure that is capable of responding swiftly to meet the needs of clients who request M&A matching. Since our founding, Yamada & Partners has made numerous contacts, and we have a large base of outstanding clients—both publicly traded and privately held firms—from which we can carry out M&A matching. We meet clients’ M&A needs by taking maximum advantage of Yamada & Partners’ business foundations, including introducing privately held clients who are concerned about business continuity to publicly traded firms and other clients considering M&A as a way to expand their businesses.

Distinguishing features
Advisory Business succession Able to identify potential M&A needs swiftly from activities related to business succession of second-tier firms and SMEs
Tax advising Able to identify reliable M&A needs from tax consultation clients (both publicly traded and privately held)
Nationwide services With offices in the major cities of Japan, we can seek out M&A information and provide related services using our nationwide network
Owner firms We have a solid understanding of the circumstances of owner firms based on providing them with business succession consulting and tax advisory services
Cross-border M&As Our proper staff permanently stationed in overseas facilities make it possible to control M&As from the Japan side
Flexibility We can handle everything with flexibility from focused M&A services (e.g., due diligence, valuation) through complete services

Menu of M&A services

As specialists, we offer one-stop service from initial consultation through implementation and integration support after settlement.

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