Inheritance tax returns

Rather than simply processing after the fact, an inheritance tax return is the starting point for subsequent handling of inheritance and income taxes. For example, applicability of tax exceptional treatment and capital-gains tax on sale of land can vary depending on how an inheritance is distributed. Also important is the judgment of whether sale of land or payment in kind would be more beneficial as a method of tax payment. We offer comprehensive tax-return services utilizing our wealth of experience and expertise.

Yamada & Partners’ inheritance tax return services

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When an inheritance tax return is required, the return must be filed and tax paid within 10 months following the inheritance. There is a large number of matters that need to be considered when preparing and submitting a return in the limited time available such as collection of the documents necessary for the return, how the tax should be paid, and method of distribution of estate which may effects the amount of inheritance tax. For these reasons, it is vital to consult with a licensed tax accountant as soon as possible. Yamada & Partners will prepare the inheritance tax return on behalf of client in accordance with following time schedule.

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