Inheritance consulting

By thinking and studying matters together with our clients based on a shared awareness of the issues involved, Yamada & Partners proposes and helps implement methods for stable use and maintenance of assets over the mid- and long term as well as their smooth business succession, while accurately identifying future trends.

Yamada & Partners’ inheritance consulting

Menu of inheritance consulting services

Service flow

Since inheritance-related concerns and issues vary among individual clients, tailor-made services are essential. Yamada & Partners’ inheritance consulting services start by asking the client about his or her thinking on inheritance. Next, we make any current problems clear and develop and propose the best asset-succession plans through comparison of various appropriate methods. We then provide continuous support for implementing the asset-succession plan developed, including scheduling, progress control, and follow-up on tax returns.

  • Ascertain current situation

    Ascertain current situation

    • 1.Ascertaining clients needs for inheritance consulting
    • 2.Reviewing family relations and sorting out assets accordingly
    • 3.Estimation of asset valuations and inheritance tax amounts
  • Formulating inheritance measures

    Formulating inheritance measures

    • 1.We formulate inheritance measures based on four main pillars
      • Reducing assessed value
      • Securing sources of funding for tax payment
      • Transfer of assets
      • Distribution of inheritance
  • Support for implementing inheritance measures

    Support for implementing inheritance measures

    • 1.Preparing implementation schedule for measures and progress control
    • 2.Support for implementation based on plans for measures
    • 3.Follow-up support for tax returns and other measures

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