Consulting on transfers between family members and shareholders

We utilize our wealth of experience and expertise to facilitate transfer of interests in jointly owned real estate and privately held stock between family members and shareholders.

Yamada & Partners' consulting services on transfers between family members and shareholders

There is increasing number of cases where siblings who jointly own real estate or privately held stock as a result of inheritance or other reasons find it hard to resolve such joint ownership later.
Choosing transfer as the method of such resolution involves numerous difficult issues such as contractual and other procedures and deciding on a sale price that would not be problematic in terms of taxes.
We can deliver one-stop support through consulting services based on Yamada & Partners' wealth of experience and close cooperation with law offices and judicial scriveners’offices in the Group.

Menu of consulting services on transfers between family members and shareholders

Service flow

  • Prior preparations

    Prior preparations

    • 1.Ascertaining the background of joint ownership and related parties
    • 2.Confirming ownership
    • 3.Sorting out tax relationships
    • 4.Confirming market values, considering sale price
    • 5.Confirming legal procedures
  • Implementation support

    Implementation support

    • 1.Support for procedures required under laws and regulations
    • 2.Preparing contracts
    • 3.Support for negotiations (in cooperation with attorneys as necessary)
    • 4.Transfer of ownership procedures (in cooperation with judicial scriveners’)
  • Support for tax procedures

    Support for tax procedures

    • 1.Preparation and submittal of tax returns and various notices
    • 2.Support for tax payment
    • 3.Support for tax audits

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