Our businesses

We provide comprehensive support for our clients across a wide range of fields including taxes, accounting, and finance.

In addition to advising corporate and individual clients, we also offer services for a wide range of fields including medical facilities and public-interest corporations.
Yamada & Partners’ extensive network of offices across Japan and around the world can deliver comprehensive services to meet clients’ diverse needs.

Corporate clients Corporate clients

Yamada & Partners has an extensive track record of tax advising and consulting services for a wide range of corporate clients, both large and small.
Our highly specialized team provides thorough support for clients’ corporate growth, by meeting a wide range of needs in areas including international business, M&A, and organizational restructuring.

Individual clients Individual clients

The staff members of Yamada & Partners are tax accounting professionals with a wealth of experience and expertise.
With their high levels of specialization and interpersonal skills, our staff members provide thorough support to help resolve the issues our clients face.

Other specialized fields Other specialized fields

Yamada & Partners is a group of professionals who are experts in a wide range of fields.
Staff members specialized in individual fields will deliver conscientious personalized service.

Feel free to contact us with any inquiries on taxes, accounting, etc.