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In recognition of the importance of personal information, Grant Thornton Yamada & Partners ("Yamada & Partners" hereinafter) hereby establishes and announces publicly its policy on appropriate handling of personal information pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act.

1 Policy on obtaining personal information

In order to protect and use personal information appropriately, to comply with applicable laws and regulations as well as this Policy, to protect and use users’ personal information appropriately, and to adapt appropriately to advances in information technology, Yamada & Partners will strive to make continual improvements in its structures for management of the protection of personal information and related efforts.

2 Purposes of Utilization of personal information

Except when it has obtained in advance the consent of the individual concerned to other handling or as prescribed by laws and regulations, Yamada & Partners will use the personal information it obtains directly or indirectly from users only within the necessary scope of the following purposes of use, or purposes of use announced publicly through other methods, or purposes of use of which the individuals concerned are notified or that are announced publicly promptly after obtaining the information:

  • (1) To provide services related to the tax accounting business
  • (2) To provide services related to the consulting business
  • (3) To provide other services as needed to fulfill contracts with users
  • (4) To send documents etc.
  • (5) To provide information on subjects such as management, accounting, taxation, and legal amendments
  • (6) Information about our services related to (1)–(3)
  • (7) For hiring and human resources management after hiring of full-time employees, staff, and other employees

When using personal information for the purposes of use under (4),(5), and (6) above, use of personal information for such purposes shall cease promptly if the individual requests.

3 About joint utilization

Depending on the content of services provided, we use our clients’ personal information jointly with other member firms of our group or the Grant Thornton International Ltd (GTIL) Group.

  • (1) Items of personal data subject to joint utilization
    Name, employer, job title, age, address, telephone no., fax no., and other personal information obtained in connection with our services and businesses
  • (2) Scope of joint users
    (i) Group member companies (Yamada Consulting Group Co., Ltd., Souzoku Anshin Support Co., Ltd., Yamada Financial Service Co., Ltd., Spire Research Consulting Pte Ltd, Y&P Legal Professional Corporation, Yamada & Partners Accounting Co., Ltd., Y&P Consulting Co., Ltd., Yamada & Partners Consulting Co., Ltd.)
    (ii) GTIL member firms (see here for member firms)
  • (3) Purposes of joint utilization
    Same as the purposes of use under “2. Purposes of Utilization of Personal Information” above.
  • (4) Person responsible for management of personal data
    Chief Privacy Officer, Grant Thornton Yamada & Partners

4 Obtaining personal information appropriately

When obtaining personal information of users, Yamada & Partners shall obtain it through appropriate means and specify the purposes of use of such information to the extent possible. What is more, it is not able to obtain any “Special Care-Required Personal Information” except when the information is essential for business purposes and it has obtained the consent of the individual concerned, or when it is required by laws or regulations.

5 Providing personal information to third parties

Except as specified by laws and regulations, or when it is used for protecting individual life, health or property and it would be difficult to obtain the consent of individuals concerned, Yamada & Partners will not provide users’ personal information to third parties without obtaining the consent of the individuals concerned in advance.

6 Security measures

Yamada & Partners has established related rules and implements appropriate security measures to prevent loss, unauthorized alteration, and leakage of users’ personal information. In addition, we also provide training on the importance of personal information for staff handling users’ personal information and, when entrusting users’ personal information to subcontractors, audit such subcontractors appropriately.

7 Disclosure of registered personal information

Yamada & Partners manages users’ personal information to ensure its validity and timeliness as much as possible. In addition, if it is requested by a user, a swift and appropriate response will be made on the disclosure, amendment, correction, and removal of registered personal information, provided that the inquiring party is verified to be the individual concerned.

8 About Cookies

The Yamada & Partners website includes pages that use cookies. Most Web browsers recognize when a cookie has been received and allow users to specify whether or not to accept them. If you are unsure whether your browser has this feature, please check with the software manufacturer or your Internet service provider. Cookies are used mainly to improve the online user experience and will not be used for purposes such as tracking specific users’ navigation patterns without permission. When a user accesses the site to view information such as news and articles or to download files, the bulk of the data obtained by Yamada & Partners is for statistical purposes only (e.g., domains accessed by users, date and time of site access, and website accessed immediately prior) and cannot be used to identify individuals.
Yamada & Partners uses this collective data on visitor account and utilization conditions of users to make the site more user-friendly and more attractive.

9 Other matters

Together with complying with laws, regulations, and standards applicable to the personal information it holds, Yamada & Partners also reviews and makes improvements to this Privacy Policy and related rules from time to time.

Established: October 1, 2010
Amended: July 2, 2018

Grant Thornton Yamada & Partners
Shigehisa Miyake, Managing Director

Contact point

Please address any questions, comments, or other communication concerning personal information to the following contact point:

General Affairs Division, Grant Thornton Yamada & Partners
8F, N Bldg., Marunouchi Trust Tower, 1-8-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005, Japan
Tel.: +81-3-6212-1660