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Grant Thornton Yamada & Partners is a comprehensive tax accountants’ corporation that delivers a wide range of tax and accounting services from inheritance tax returns and inheritance consulting through specialized fields such as organizational restructuring, mergers and acquisitions (M&As), international operations, and healthcare/public interest. From our founding as Junichiro Yamada Certified Public Accountant and Certified Public Tax Accountant Office through today, we have earned the support of countless clients and business partners.

Yamada & Partners’ track record

We meet our clients’ wide-ranging needs through the knowledge and experience we have built up through numerous cases.

  • Advisory

  • Inheritance tax returns

  • Inheritance/business succession consulting

  • M&As

  • Corporate restructuring/corporate turnaround

  • Management consulting

  • International business

  • Seminars


Track record during 2018

Yamada & Partners supports our clients using our overall abilities

Yamada & Partners’ services stress a perfect balance between the perspectives of experts and the client’s point of view. We listen closely to clients’ concerns and think long and hard about what is best for them, in pursuit of services that will deliver the highest level of client satisfaction.

  • Maintaining high quality through our extensive network of 16 domestic and 5 overseas offices

    Maintaining high quality through our extensive network of 16 domestic and 5 overseas offices

    We have 16 offices across Japan (as of April 2018). We deliver consistent service quality to clients across Japan through a structure that assigns staff highly experienced at existing facilities to manage each office.
    Overseas, we handle tax-related services in countries across Asia from our offices in Singapore, Shanghai, China, and Hanoi, Vietnam. By joining the Grant Thornton International network in July 2018, we now are able to serve more than 130 countries worldwide.

  • One-stop services for a variety of topics

    One-stop services for a variety of topics

    There are many different kinds of taxes, and tax systems vary widely from one country to another. As a comprehensive tax accountants’ firm, Yamada & Partners meets a wide range of client needs.
    In addition, our clients’ concerns are not limited to taxes alone but include legal issues, human-resources and labor issues, and others. Yamada & Partners can serve as a liaison for addressing issues such as these too, offering one-stop services by connecting clients with other reliable specialists and our alliance partners.

  • Support for dealing with tax authorities

    Support for dealing with tax authorities

    Not every tax-related issue has a clear-cut solution. In some cases, reconciliation of opinions with tax authorities is required. Yamada & Partners’ advisors with experience serving in key roles with tax authorities can offer support for our clients in such situations.

Yamada & Partners’ organizational power supports our clients’ growth

Our team members are devoted to ensuring that Yamada & Partners remains an organization that does all it can to support clients’ growth.

  • Thoroughly shared work principles

    Thoroughly shared work principles

    Yamada & Partners has adopted a set of compliance regulations called “Mental and Behavioral Norms.” Their content consists of the social missions of tax accountants, CPAs, and attorneys; legal and regulatory compliance; and practical guidelines for dealing with clients and society at large. Employees share work principles and activity guidelines by reading through these “Mental and Behavioral Norms” on a weekly basis.

  • Employee training to improve personal principles and specialization

    Employee training to improve personal principles and specialization

    Employee training to improve personal principles:Based on our belief that the personal principles of employees are essential to providing clients with high-quality services, we carry out employee education intended to improve personal principles.

    Employee training to improve specialization:Over their first five years with the company, new employees take part in training programs corresponding to their numbers of years with us. In addition, training for all employees conducted once monthly serves to share experiences and case studies as well as catching up with developments in amendment of tax and other systems. We also hold training sessions led by managers more than 50 times a year as well as frequent study groups for individual sections and interested employees.

  • Business infrastructure improvements

    Business infrastructure improvements

    We have adopted a system for centralization of business knowledge. Every year about 500 cases such as tax judgments, tax-audit experiences, and unsuccessful cases are added to the knowledgebase, which all employees can view freely.

  • Quality control

    Quality control

    We deliver high-quality services at all times through establishment, use, and timey amendment of manuals on tax-return services and various accounting services.
    Furthermore, in cases where it is difficult to make a judgment details are deliberated on in review meetings in which all partners take part.

How to contact us

  • step1

    First contact

    First contact

    Feel free to contact us by telephone or using the contact form on our website

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    Checking on your needs

    Checking on your needs

    We will telephone you to find out the details of your needs.

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    Meet with us

    Meet with us

    Meet and speak with us at the office location nearest you.

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    Costs Estimate

    Costs Estimate

    We will provide you with a cost estimate matched to you needs.

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    Conclusion of Contract

    Conclusion of Contract
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