Message from the Honorary Chairman

Junichiro Yamada Honorary Chairman

Junichiro Yamada Honorary Chairman

A good company has good management

In helping growing companies, I realized that all of them had good management. While they may vary depending on whether they have 10, 30, 100, or 500 employees, what industries or businesses they participate in, or the character of their presidents, ultimately they all have good management. Some points of commonality among such companies include:

  1. 1. A president with a strong will
  2. 2. A president who likes people
  3. 3. A president who is unique
  4. 4. A president who is decisive
  5. 5. A president who has energy (ambition)
  6. 6. A president who loves to learn
  7. 7. A president who speaks of dreams and ideals

While many may have different opinions, I think that the keywords of a growing company are the president and his or her management capabilities. Yamada & Partners is a group of professionals who strive continually to be able to meet the needs of such company presidents. It is our hope that they will ask for our opinions when making management decisions on taxes and finances. I am certain that our advice will prove highly beneficial.

Message from the Managing Representative Partner

Shigehisa Miyake Managing Representative Partner

Shigehisa Miyake Managing Representative Partner

Delivering services that surpass expectations, so that we will never let a client down

Together with devoting ourselves to delivering tax and accounting services to our clients, we also strive to provide added value. We think thoroughly about what our clients hope for and expect, and provide services that reflect these. We strive to surpass clients’ expectations whenever we can in areas such as reliability, peace of mind, swift services, precision, our ability to propose solutions, and our ability to take action. The work of accountants will change in the future. It is projected that developments such as IT, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and advances in automated accounting entries will improve the efficiency of most simple tasks. The time is coming in which machines will handle all mechanical tasks. We believe that when that time comes, what clients demand from us will shift further toward advice, information, and proposing solutions. We will provide serves that meet and exceed their expectations.

All of our offices across Japan provide the same level of services. We assign highly experienced personnel in positions of responsibility when we open a new office, to ensure consistent quality nationwide. In specialized fields such as international business and the healthcare business, specialized headquarters sections serve clients nationwide. We also assign personnel with considerable experience at Yamada & Partners in Japan to positions of responsibility in our overseas offices, as we fulfill our responsibilities in providing services at overseas offices as well. In these ways, we aim to deliver added value that surpasses the expectations of our clients across Japan and around the world.